Ultimate Wedding DJ Package – Update

Wedding Day Post Box I’m very pleased to have recently acquired a bespoke Wedding Day Post Box, hand made by the same good friend who designed the superb columns for my LED Starballs. All bookings taken from now onwards for the full Ultimate Wedding DJ All-Day Package will include the hire of this wonderful Wedding Post Box. Sadly, my photography doesn’t do the paintwork any real justice, as the Wedding Post Box is finished in a glittery effect that looks great on any venue gift table. Hire of this Wedding Post Box is available as an extra to any of

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Peter Ives Photography

We don’t have a Links page on our website, however we do have many suppliers that we wholeheartedly recommend to provide excellent quality services to complement our own. One such company (or individual) is Peter Ives, our long-term friend and a fabulous photographer. We have probably worked side-by-side on over 100 weddings in our time, and for each one Peter provides first class memories in picture form, to treasure forever. We really recommend that you give him a call if you’re hunting for a top photographer for your big day. http://www.peterivesphotography.co.uk/

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Crondon Park Golf Club – Venue Revue

We like to comment on all the venues we play at, from a DJ perspective only, and hopefully this helps our fellow DJs and prospective clients alike to decide whether this is the venue to hold their celebration. On Saturday, we paid another visit to Crondon Park Golf Club, for a wedding reception. For those who haven’t been there, Crondon Park is a tastefully-converted barn with beautiful grounds immediately outside and, obviously, a golf course. The venue is separate from the clubhouse so there’s no cross-over/interaction with any of the golfers on the day. Access for equipment is a little long-winded

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Your Wedding Reception Music – Do’s, Don’t’s & Definites

With lots of future brides and grooms contacting us over the past few weeks to discuss their wedding reception disco requirements, here’s a few tips to make yours a roaring success: DO try to meet with your DJ, or at least call them and have an informal chat about your requirements. You’ll find it really helps to get to know them beforehand. DO ask as many questions as you wish. A truly professional and experienced DJ has answers for almost every scenario you can imagine. DO provide your DJ with a good understanding of the music that you prefer not to hear

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Wedding Reception Specialist DJ

Rounded off a very busy weekend with the ever-popular Orsett Hall Wedding Fayre last Sunday. We got to speak to lots of prospective brides and grooms about their big day, and had a chance to show off our new look (as below) starcloth booth and optional matching backdrop.  

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Left out in the cold…….

As I haul my carcass out of my nice warm bed this morning, I immediately recall last night’s wedding reception and the ‘endurance’ of playing from 7.30pm til midnight…..in the cold open air. Now I guess I’ve been rather spoiled over the last 15 years or so, playing at some really nice hotels and plush marquees in landscaped surroundings, but last night was a little different. The wedding reception disco was held in a fairly large marquee in the grounds of a local cricket club. Upon first impressions (apart from the slalom from van-to-stage-area) the marquee seemed fine. However it

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24hr Party People!

I’m not really sure what to make of the new marriage licencing laws, which basically means that you can now be officially married at any time of the day or night. It would certainly be quite novel to start a wedding reception at, say, 4am in the morning following the ceremony! As a resident DJ at Orsett Hall hotel, I wonder whether we’ll now get some quirky start & finish times…..although I seriously doubt too many people will stray from the more acceptable daylight hours. On the subject of differing hours, I’ve noticed a lot of wedding couples lately have

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Have equipment, will travel……

Last Saturday night saw my furthest ever trip to a UK wedding destination, when I hauled my carcass down to Plymouth in Devon. A mere 270 miles away, I set out at 9am to make sure I got there in very good time. After a fairly pleasant yet uneventful drive, I arrived at 2pm and settled into my lovely quaint B&B and readied myself for the evening’s ‘performance’! The groom was a DJ himself, and I was left stunned when walking into the venue marquee by the sheer volume of lighting he had installed for the party! Over 25 DJ

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Wedding booking season starts here!

Wow! What a busy week so far, and it’s only Wednesday…….and I haven’t even left the office! Lots of enquiries and requests for quotes flooding in, mainly for weddings in 2013. I must admit, I feared a lull in wedding bookings for next year, feeling that the recession would finally bite into the wedding market……but it seems all is well after all! With hotels doing some cracking midweek and Sunday deals, no longer are Friday and Saturday the exclusive wedding days to have. We also offer a £50 reduction on our standard fee if your wedding is Mon-Thurs (conditions apply).

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More investment, more buttons, more lights!

2012 has been our big reinvestment year, replacing some older lighting effects and putting in place new mixing desks and media players. One of the more recent purchases is our new DJ booth (pictured below)…..we always value a smart looking set-up and our custom-built stand has served us well for four years, but there’s always room for change and the new DJ booth is the latest industry-standard product for the finer venues. Twinned with our 3m x 2m starcloth backdrop behind the booth, it creates a wonderfully classy and eye-catching display. (Pictures to follow soon……on the Gallery page). Please ask for more details

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