School’s Out! The Prom Season is here!

As a kid, I used to chuckle and mock my parents whenever they uttered the line, “It wasn’t like that in my day” And now, I find myself repeating those same words whenever I’m hosting a School Prom party! 

Oh boy, the way times have changed! My final days at school were marked with a low-budget disco in the draughty assembly hall, hastily put together by the woodwork teacher. There was nothing glamorous about it at all!

In 2023, a classy venue is hired for the evening, a three course meal is served, exceptional pupils are gifted Amazon vouchers and certificates, and professional entertainment is hired (me!) Every single guest is wearing classic evening attire, with some of the girls sporting dresses running into many hundreds of pounds. And they arrive in limos!

I was very lucky to be given the job of hosting a prom last night at Channels Barn in Essex, courtesy of their resident DJ Mitch Fisk, who was unable to be there. Once the meal and the speeches were done, I have to say that I was totally blown away by the enthusiasm and sheer energy of the crowd…they filled the dance floor from the first to the final tune. Unlike some that have gone before, I did not receive one single piece of bad attitude from any of the students, they just seemed to completely seize the moment for the joyous occasion that it was. My only regret is that we had to finish promptly at 11pm, and I, along with all the revellers, would’ve happily partied on into the small hours!

I doubt I would’ve looked good in a tuxedo at sixteen anyway…

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