Another New Year begins…

Is this your year to finally tie the knot? Or maybe you’re planning that huge birthday party you’ve always wanted? Well, I’m your man for all your music needs on such special occasions! I’ve got the experience, the skills and the equipment! Call me today!

There’s no resolutions here for the coming 12 months, but lots of action points in the diary…including a brand new look for the website! I’ve been pretty naughty (according to my web administrator) over the past few years, neglecting the site when it needed new images, videos and written content. But now, I’m heading to each gig armed with a decent camera to capture lots of special moments. With so much new kit at my disposal, the images on this site are quite often out of date within a year because I’m always investing in more advanced and higher quality lighting and sound stuff. I can’t wait to get started!

If you need me, you know where to find me! Happy 2023 everyone

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