Your Names Up In Lights! – Personalise your Wedding dance floor!

The UK wedding market is still booming in 2022, despite the economic downturn and the (seemingly) endless government gaffes on the news every night…

More and more wedding clients are looking for extras to complement the DJ services I provide. Lots of these ideas originate from the US, where they place great importance on the aesthetics of the function suite, using mood lighting and personalised projections. I have always resisted going too far with supplying some of the more extreme ideas, such as pyrotechnics and dry ice, as my focus still remains firmly on the fantastic sound quality, lighting and the music for the event….I am a DJ after all! But there are little touches that I can provide to change the room and truly make it yours for the day!

Personalised Projections – As you will see from the images below, I can provide a dance floor or a wall projection of your names, written large for all to see! The gobo (small glass disc custom-made with your details on) is placed within my high-powered white light projector and then shone upon the floor or a wall. The image can be up to 1.5 meters across so it’s certainly an effect hard to ignore! The photos below were taken in daylight hours, with the venue lights still on, so you can see the power of the projector. There are many designs to choose from, and whilst the custom gobo is quite expensive to buy, it guarantees a visual impact for your guests.

Curtain Backdrops – Also featured in the images below is one of my stage curtain backdrops. These are essential in venues that don’t have a particularly picturesque setting behind the DJ. In these photos, we were in a golf club and whilst the venue was really lovely and well-presented, the DJ stage area was right in front of the Roll of Honour awards board, with hundreds of previous golfing winners’ names! The client chose the silver ‘cabaret’ curtain, but I also have plain white and plain black non-pleated curtains to hide any unsightly walls or inappropriate decor. The cabaret curtain is an acquired taste, admittedly, but it does look superb with uplighters!

If you’d like to more about the wedding extras, please get in touch!

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