Last week, after many months of selling off surplus equipment and reassessing the huge collection of DJ tools I have amassed, I purchased a PA system that I seriously consider as the very best in its class.

I won’t bore anyone with the technical details…basically there’s been a fashion over the last 10/15 years to own an ‘array’ system….a bass speaker with a tall slim column attached, filled with little speakers to project sound everywhere (rather than focusing on the dancefloor area). Bose effectively developed the idea, but others have taken the idea further. After a lot of side-by-side comparisons, I chose the EV Evolve 50 model (x 2, obviously!)

So what does that mean for you, the client? Crystal clear voices and sharp highs, matched with a lovely warm and deep bass, capable of enough quality noise for 150 people.

I’m possibly the only person excited by this, but hey!  At least I’m still staying ahead of the pack!

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