Monday morning again…hello!

January & February are ordinarily quiet months in a DJ’s calendar, and a good time to service the equipment for the year ahead. It’s also a very tempting time to buy new kit too! We’re no different from your partner who looks longingly through hi-fi magazines and ads, craving the latest technology and funky new TVs!

Well, as all of my lighting is very contemporary and mostly under three years old, there’s little need to replace anything this year…but…since when has it been about need?! This weekend, I invested in probably the oldest lighting effect of all, and something I’ve always craved but never purchased as they were formerly quite difficult to mount safely in a venue of partygoers. Yep, that’s right…the classic glitterball!

With a little haze and a single bold spotlight, the glitterball is (in my humble opinion) still the best lighting effect there is. Classic, classy, retro yet stylish. It has visually represented everything from ballroom dancing to Abba to the Ministry Of Sound, it crosses so many different genres and decades. And I finally have one!

There have been attempts to emulate its effect over the years. You’ve probably seen a lot of mobile DJs using LED ‘rotospheres’…they are effectively rotating spheres with an LED lighting inside and lots of holes for the lighting beams to escape from. They are very popular with mobile DJs because of their ease of use, but they’re underpowered, quite cheaply manufactured and they look like WWII sea mines! There really is no substitute for the real thing!

If you would like to add the glitterball to your existing package, gimme a call! And if you are still to decide on your evening DJ, hopefully this slice of classic authenticity (plus my 30 years experience of course!) has swayed you!






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