It seems like years since I’ve posted a blog update on here…

So, what’s been happening then? Well, things have definitely changed for me over the past 18 months. The QuizHire business has grown and grown; with such a large corporate clientele, I’m now hosting annual events for about 90% of my customers. One or two of my corporate clients are now in their fifth year of quiz events hosted by yours truly!

The DJ side of my business has changed too. I’ve made a conscious decision this year to be more selective about the type of events I host, particularly in connection with the music styles. My friend Ian Sellens and I launched The 80s Mix Tape last year as a passion project, playing music from our favourite era, and bookings are now beginning to roll in! We’ve also combined the Mix Tape with QuizHire to create an all-out 80’s themed event of quizzing and dancing! Another of my true music loves is soul….in all its’ forms….Motown, Stax, Atlantic, Salsoul, Disco, 80’s Weekender, etc. I’ve been hosting a regular Soul & Motown night at a local pub (Braintree, Essex) and I’ve loved every minute of being able to play the music that shaped me and influenced my whole career.

A seasoned old DJ once gave me some very good advice…”If you’re playing generic pop music, you could be any DJ just doing it for the money. If you’re playing the music you love, the audience will react to that too, and then it won’t feel like a job.”

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