Yesterday I was hired by insurance giant AON to perform a pub quiz show and provide after-show music in The Bootmaker pub in Chelmsford. It’s a great bar, and we had a large area at the rear reserved for the function. I was all set to install my DJ booth, decks, speakers, lights, etc from which to host the show and the subsequent disco…however, due to the layout of the pub and the large number of staff attending, I had nowhere to go! There was simply no room to put all the kit in place!

In a weird masochistic way, I love this kind of challenge. I would still need speakers, lights and laptop to be set up, so after liaising with the bar manager we found a small area where I could utilise my folding portable lectern (what an invention!) and a single tripod stand that held two speakers and an LED lighting effect. All this kit took up just five feet of floor space! Admittedly I was forced to DJ the after show purely from the laptop (via the headphone socket!) and not using my controller decks, but the whole night was still a resounding success.

I’m very fortunate to have invested in lots of high quality equipment, and I’m always happy to adapt and deliver without compromise!

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