Brand new for 2019…or is it?! I’ve invested in some awesome retro lighting and backdrop curtains as today’s clients demand the vintage look, without compromising the quality of the light show and sound system.

One of the most innovative lighting fixtures of the past twelve months is the Vintage Blaze retro halogen ‘searchlight-style’ lamp. A huge circular silver bowl with a warm, old fashioned glow…but with the 21st Century twist of added LED lighting to create an endless choice of colour combinations. These fixtures are hugely popular on TV shows; just watch any live music performance and you’re bound to spot one or two! They really add a touch of old-school style and class.

Also as part of my Vintage package, I have some very cool backdrop curtains. Measuring 6m wide by 3m high, they are absolutely ideal for creating the illusion of a proper stage area where there isn’t one in some venues. They are also very good for hiding some unsightly or boring back walls in venues which lack character. Available in black, white and a silver Venetian drape, all of which can be uplit in colours of your choice.

Finally, as a big part of my 80’s Mix Tape Show, I have some superb Rubix LED colour-changing screens to help celebrate the greatest decade of music ever! Very mesmeric to look at, these panels really kick out some light and when required they can be switched to ‘party’ mode and flash in time to the music in many different patterns. Since owning four of these, I have never received so many compliments on lighting fixtures in my entire career!

It seems that yesterday (with a little touch of today) is the lighting choice for tomorrow!

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