2018 has been a very, very busy year for me so far…and that’s not even including the weddings, quizzes and parties I’ve hosted! I’m moving house, and all the ‘lovely’ things that come with that process have occupied me so much that I’ve neglected my blog here!

As I’ll be living in a completely different area, I left my summer months diary quite open as I was unsure where I’d be at that time. Now the move is imminent so the floodgates are open! If you have a wedding, a party, an office or a charity quiz to host, then please don’t hesitate to call me today. Even if you’ve already got your wedding DJ as part of a package with your venue but you’re unsure/not confident of their quality, drop me an email and we’ll discuss some new options for you.

Oh, and have a fabulous Easter break!

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