I have been a professional DJ for over thirty years. Inspired by my own love of soul/disco, hip-hop and early house music, my entire career has been based upon this genuine obsession with music, and the need to let everyone hear it. Couple that with my geeky fondness of technology and loudspeakers, you get an enthusiastic and knowledgable DJ who doesn’t just perform purely for the money.

Sadly, and more prevalently in 2017, there are mobile DJs who have little or no knowledge of popular music beyond their own narrow tastes, together with a complete lack of technical know-how. They often fill a laptop hard drive with illegally-copied music of which they have no idea how and when to use. Then a quick trip to a budget disco centre and voila! A part-time mobile disco business is born. They see the industry as a way of making a quick buck, no thought given to customer satisfaction as they’re not likely to ever see the client again. Such a shame there aren’t licences required for this type of thing!

It might sound like I’m moaning about competition stealing the work for bargain basement prices…I suppose in reality I am! But I’m making a very valid point, which is this: You will only know how poor the service is when it’s too late. The £200 you saved by booking a chancer with a laptop is scant consolation in the middle of your ruined wedding reception or birthday party.

Booking me guarantees someone who cares! It’s my full-time chosen occupation and I cannot afford to let quality, customer satisfaction and reliability levels slip. I’m proud to say that I’m a professional DJ… a real one!

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