2016 – A reflection

Wow…what a year that was. Sadly, it will always be remembered as the year we lost some truly legendary heroes, especially in the music world. Playing classic tracks by Bowie and Prince following their untimely deaths, the amount of love and respect for them from my audiences was humbling. If anything good can come from losing them so early, it’s that millions of new fans are now seeking out their albums and back catalogues and the world is appreciating them all over again.

From a business point of view, 2016 took a wildly different path to the one I expected. Whilst I was still super busy during the Spring months with wedding receptions, QuizHire.co.uk was filling up the midweek diary dates like never before. I was taking dozens of calls each week, from large city companies to provincial retailers, all looking to provide a quiz night for their hard-working staff. Then, in July and August, the weddings seem to dry up… I still have no idea what happened, but for the first time in around twenty years, I found myself with Saturday nights free for socialising! Unheard of in the summer and I took full advantage! Luckily, normality resumed in September and I was honoured to be hosting some wonderful wedding receptions in and around the South East. New investment in Pioneer’s top-of-the-range decks, larger PA systems, backdrop drapes and funky new uplighters kept the show looking and sounding fresh.

The Quiz Master duties have so far taken me all over the UK…York, Skipton, Plymouth, Oxford to name but a few. Most of the events take place in Central London, but in October I became an international Quiz Master…spending 24 hours in Italy, on the shores of the breathtaking Lake Maggiore for a global finance company. I’ve never been a fan of business travel…until now! The quiz business continues to grow in popularity, and I’m really looking forward to a very busy 2017.

Well, that’s all for another year. An extraordinary year, in every sense of the word. I hope your Christmas is as magical as you wish it to be and 2017 brings nothing but joy and a smile every day.


I’m dedicating this year to a very dear friend, a loyal and loving buddy who didn’t make it this far, but will always be in our hearts. Sleep well, Bert.


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