So…you’re planning your wedding day, everything has to be perfect for the biggest event in your lives…and you get to the booking stage for your entertainment…You decide to go with a DJ instead of a band and you begin asking questions of all the DJs you’ve contacted. So far, nothing unusual.

Except one thing…are you asking them the right questions?!

This year, I have lost count of the number of brides-to-be questioning me in detail about the equipment and the technical specification of the kit that I use. “How many cabinets and how many watts is your sound system?” and “Do you have wireless DMX uplighters?” are some of the enquiries I’m getting. Ordinarily, these kind of questions are asked by fellow DJs interested in the set-up, or by wannabe trainspotters with a fascination for buttons and lights….but brides and grooms?! They surely don’t even know what DMX is! And wattage is not a measure of noise level, so why do they want to know how much electricity it takes to drive my sound system? I have a theory on this very modern phenomenon. A number of wedding websites and magazines have a little tick-list for each bride and groom to ask potential suppliers, and this is just one of them. Funny thing is, there’s no mention of checking that the DJ is experienced and talented in the art of mixing and selecting the right music for your big day! It’s all about top show, it seems.

Please bear in mind that absolutely anyone can go buy the best equipment in town. It’ll look like a million dollars….but once the inexperience of the operator kicks in, it’ll sound like fingernails down a chalkboard!

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