Happy New Year to you all!

The first Monday of 2016, so I’m firmly rooted to my office chair, fielding an inbox full of enquiries and booking confirmations. It seems like ages since I’ve blogged here on the site but I guess that means I’ve been too busy….and that’s a good thing!

The QuizHire side of the business has been booming in 2015, and I’m taking it forward in a big way this year. A complete re-vamp of the website is coming up before the Spring, plus many more options are being offered to the growing base of corporate clients for their annual quiz events, such as large video screens and physical challenges for the teams.

As always, the weddings diary is filling up nicely. In 2016, I’m taking on more all-day wedding events, encompassing hosting (or MC) duties, background music for the wedding breakfast and providing my advanced tech for the Speeches and live acts. It’s great to spend the whole day amongst the wedding guests, getting to know and chat with them. When the party comes around, I’m able to play the music on a much more personal level.

One major change I’ve noticed over the past few years at wedding receptions is the indifference shown by some wedding guests to the entertainment provided. On the odd occasion that they peer up from their phone/tablet, they simply gaze uninterestedly at the dancefloor, then return to their Clash of Clans game with an online ‘friend’ they’ve never actually met or updating their status on Facebook….. Even though I’m a tech fanatic, I’ll never understand the enjoyment they get from that whilst there’s a party going on all around them! It’s a pretty radical idea, but how about suggesting to your guests that they leave their phones in their pockets or bags? In this era, that almost sounds like a breach of their civil liberties, but it’s worth a try!

I hope 2016 brings you all the joy you’ve wished for……speak again soon!

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