I’m always looking for a new angle, a unique party theme or simply anything that will keep me above the ever-increasing flood of wannabe DJs now washing round the UK.

And guess what I’ve found? That’s right…something completely unoriginal but sadly neglected over the past few years….the 80’s Party! I’m currently putting together a unique package for the ultimate 80’s experience, which will include genuine record decks (remember those?!), real 7″ singles, traffic light effects (admittedly I now have LED ones, and not the finger-scalding bulb versions) and even a Night-Fever style dancefloor!









Having grown up in the 80’s, I’m highly qualified to deliver the most popular music of the era, from New Romantic to House, from Pop to Soul…..I’ll be offering it as an exclusive package deal for weddings and celebrations throughout the year. Photos are coming soon, but please feel free to contact me today for more details.

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