In the 21st Century, mobile DJs in the UK are asked for so much more than just providing music and flashing lights for a wedding reception. Most likely influenced by the US, dressing the venue up is no longer the preserve of the florists, and now we offer everything from coloured uplighting to LED table decorations to Wedding Day post boxes.

Using one of my oldest lighting effects recently, the gobo projector is such an easy yet amazingly effective way of filling a blank venue wall. Our clients simply wanted their names above the head table for the duration of the Wedding Breakfast. The image was then moved to the dance floor area and set on a slow rotate throughout the evening.

2014-08-24 12.08.47


The only downside to this effect is the cost of the image (gobo) itself. I have to send away to have it made and prices usually start from around £80 + VAT. However, I’ve witnessed fortunes spent on decorating a room with cheap trinkets and ribbons, etc….and I think this looks much classier.

If you’d like a completely bespoke projection at your wedding day, please contact me for a quote.

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