I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have some truly great friends around me. Some who make me laugh, some who make me think, some who make me dinner……..but there’s one friend who makes me work. He constantly nags, cajoles, bullies and threatens me, but he’s a legend and I wouldn’t want it any other way! His name is Dave, and he is the hero behind my constantly-evolving website.

It began way back in December 2007, when Dave had a keen interest (and some training) in building websites. He harassed me into giving him details of my business (at the time, I was about to ask someone else much less talented to build me a site). Over the course of a few weeks, he created a great looking website (for the time) and worked incredibly hard for me to increase the relevance of the site on Google, etc. Always on my case to provide images and articles, he kept pushing until I eventually got onboard and took a proper interest in the whole internet advertising thing. He taught me many different things, he forced me to learn Photoshop and Fireworks software(!) and he always encouraged any new ideas I had, no matter how ridiculous!

Fast forward to July 2014. We’ve just completed an overhaul of the site, making it a lot more user-friendly and very contemporary. I’m now quite an accomplished picture editor and, with Dave’s training, a fairly dab hand with Word Press templates and the general mechanics of a modern website. Take a spin around the site and you can clearly see the work that’s been put in…..then maybe click here to time-travel back to 2007 where it all started!

So, Dave…..thank you from the heart for all the brilliant work you’ve done for me over the years. Without this awesome web presence, I doubt whether I would be as successful a DJ as I am today. Apologies to Maxine for all those evenings lost on his laptop when Dave should’ve been decorating/cooking/dining out/drinking heavily with you! You are my hero, Dave. Thank you.

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