We had the privilege in October this year of playing at one of the world’s finest hotels, Claridges in London.

We arrived nice and early, found a parking space right outside the hotel (a minor miracle!) and set to work rigging up the Ultimate Package whilst the wedding party enjoyed their dinner in an adjacent suite. In tandem with our dancefloor business partners, Starlight, we were ready to launch by 6pm. As you will see from the photograph below, we made the room look even more spectacular. Themed in the bride’s choice of pink and white, it was almost reminiscent of a Disney princess’s palace!

We have performed many times in many top hotels around the country, but it has to be said that Claridges ranks as surely the best….and not simply due to it’s status, but due to its’ wonderfully accomodating staff. As artistes, we are often viewed as a hindrance/nuisance/necessary evil by hotel staff and management, but the team at Claridges genuinely treated us like we were paying customers. And I can’t speak more highly than that. A real treat and a pleasure.

Claridges - Oct 2013


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