Crondon Park Golf Club – Venue Revue

We like to comment on all the venues we play at, from a DJ perspective only, and hopefully this helps our fellow DJs and prospective clients alike to decide whether this is the venue to hold their celebration.

On Saturday, we paid another visit to Crondon Park Golf Club, for a wedding reception. For those who haven’t been there, Crondon Park is a tastefully-converted barn with beautiful grounds immediately outside and, obviously, a golf course. The venue is separate from the clubhouse so there’s no cross-over/interaction with any of the golfers on the day. Access for equipment is a little long-winded but not difficult (bring a trolley!) and the performance area is large enough for most mobile DJ set-ups or live bands. Being a barn the ceilings are high and beamed, however the acoustics are good. The bar is situated in another room, but still within full view/earshot of the DJ and dancefloor, so announcements, etc won’t get missed. There’s no sound limiting equipment (a relief!) and the dancefloor area can easily accomodate over 100 guests.

Overall, we highly recommend Crondon Park based purely on it’s party ‘worthiness’ – we make no judgement on the food or bar, etc, just the DJ’s eye view of things. The staff were extremely helpful…..I was given two fans to stop me overheating during setting up, and twice received offers of assistance from passing bar/waiting staff which was a really welcome touch. A venue definitely worth considering for your wedding reception.

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