It’s been brought to my attention again the question of resident DJs, and more specifically, hotels and venues insisting on their usage. This subject rears its ugly head every few years, usually reported to us by brides and grooms who wish to use our services but find their venue being quite bullish on utilising their in-house DJ, and putting as many ‘obstacles’ in the way as they can to ensure they get their own way. Tricks such as insisting on a pre-midday DJ set up, PAT & PLI certificated proof (any mobile DJ worthy of his profession will have these anyway) and restricting the ‘outsider’ DJ to a tiny stage area have all been used.

Now…I am a resident DJ at one of Essex’s top hotels (Orsett Hall), and I have been for nineteen years. I’m also part of the resident DJ team at Ye Olde Plough House hotel and formerly the resident DJ at The Manor in Rainham….and not one of these venues insists that their customers use the recommended in-house DJ. Our services are promoted, but ultimately it is the customers’ decision as to whether they wish to employ us or their own outside choice of mobile DJ. And we are very happy with this agreement. I would hate to think that a bride and groom had been bullied into using us when they had their own choice in mind.

So if you are reading this whilst planning your wedding day or corporate function, and you feel that your venue are pressuring you into hiring their own resident DJ even though you have one in mind, then take a step back, question their motives and insist on your own choice!

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