On Saturday, I was booked to play in an Essex golf club that I’d never visited before….and that is a rare thing indeed! After 25 years of covering virtually every venue in Essex, here was somewhere new for me…Benton Hall Golf Club in Witham.

The room in which the birthday party was being held was quite large, but the DJ area was restricted so we had to squeeze our speaker system in to fit nice and snug. Benton Hall itself is a very nice club, with a large bar area and separate dining room for the buffet, etc. It also looks out onto a beautiful lake and I imagine that this looks idyllic during the summer months (if we ever get any!) The staff were all young and enthusiastic, which made a nice change from some of the grumpy staff we often encounter elsewhere! Overall, I’d definitely recommend this venue for your birthday or engagement party.


Benton Hall Golf Club

Benton Hall Golf Club



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