….a question that we get asked quite often, understandably when it could mean a wedding day ruined. Well, last weekend it happened to me. A serious knee injury meant that I was unable to even stand up, let alone operate a mobile disco business. I tried to think of all the options that would have enabled me to attend the two events on Friday and Saturday, but ultimately even getting into the van as a passenger was impossible without great pain.

We have a network of seven top mobile DJs, and always at least one remains available each weekend for such eventualities. So, both the wedding in Chelmsford on Friday and the 40th celebration in Gt. Baddow on Saturday were professionally covered by our team.

And that is our promise….WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN ON THE DAY! Whilst some budget acts may be more attractive in terms of economy, what do they offer if things go wrong on the day? With more and more so-called ‘professional DJ’ services springing up on the web, who can you trust? Hopefully, I’ve already answered that last question for you!

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