ScottieMix – Back in the studio!

It seems ages since I’ve mixed up some tunes in the studio, so it felt good to spend a few hours this morning putting together some bespoke mixes for other DJs and even for my own set-list!

I completed a couple of modern pop/dance 20 minute mixes, which can provide essential back-up on the night of a function if anything untoward happens. I remember many years ago being incredibly grateful for a long mix track when I was suddenly struck down with food poisoning mid-gig! I recall spending over half an hour in the gents, eventually emerging looking decidedly worse for wear, only to play another pre-prepared mix and return to the gents for part two!

If Classic 90’s Dance Music is your thing, then I do have a free promo disc available – simply email us at with your name and address and we’ll send it to you in the post.

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