Below are two photographs of DJ equipment, both set up at Orsett Hall hotel for a function. Both using just 4 light effects and both using sub-bass speakers for extra rumble.

BWOs GearP1010493















The set-up on the bottom is our minimum standard kit for the Orsett Hall’s Resident DJ service to brides & grooms. We pride ourselves on the tidyness of the cabling and the overall fresh appearance of the equipment.

The set-up on the top is the standard kit of the hotel’s oldest resident DJ. Note the lack of attention to detail, such as very untidy cables and a half-hearted attempt to wrap an LED starcloth around the DJ stand.

These are the kind of presentation factors that we like to point out to each and every single one of our clients, the difference between our services and those provided by others. We remain enthusiastic, technologically-aware and focused on delivering not only a fantastic music set-list, but also a neat and contemporary system that matches the client’s own efforts in making their venue perfect for their wedding day or event.

As for the other guy….well, he’s just grateful to get a booking!

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