With lots of future brides and grooms contacting us over the past few weeks to discuss their wedding reception disco requirements, here’s a few tips to make yours a roaring success:

  • DO try to meet with your DJ, or at least call them and have an informal chat about your requirements. You’ll find it really helps to get to know them beforehand.
  • DO ask as many questions as you wish. A truly professional and experienced DJ has answers for almost every scenario you can imagine.
  • DO provide your DJ with a good understanding of the music that you prefer not to hear at your wedding reception disco. Your DJ will be able to advise you, particularly if you ask to avoid a popular genre that guests will request on the night.
  • DON’T send your DJ a huge list of 200 requests or a strict playlist to be adhered to throughout the night. Top professional DJs need room for their own artistic licence, for requests on the night from the wedding guests and also the option to change the music if the dancefloor remains empty. If you feel you have to provide a comprehensive list to your DJ, then I suggest you’ve probably got no confidence in them and maybe shouldn’t have booked them in the first place. Alternatively, you might just be a naturally controlling force, in which case we suggest hiring a PA system and using your own iPod!
  • DON’T choose a novelty record as your First Dance! There was a brief phase a few years ago to break into a big hip-hop tune halfway through the romantic choice, whereby the happy couple start body-popping and street dancing to the ‘amusement’ of the assembled guests…….and more often than not it either fizzled out or ended to lukewarm and embarrassed applause. Unless you’re both trained dancers, stick to the romantic option!
  • DO join your guests on the dancefloor as often as possible during the evening. I know it’s difficult to mingle and chat and keep everyone happy, but the sight of the bride and groom dancing during the night really helps the DJ.
  • DEFINITELY make sure you let the DJ know well in advance if you plan to leave early for your honeymoon suite. Most DJs plan a big finale involving all the guests and the happy couple.

I hope there’s a useful tip or two above for you!

Remember, we are taking wedding bookings from January to December these days, weekdays too…..so there’s no such thing as an official ‘wedding season’ anymore. Give us a call for a quote on your big day – you won’t regret it!

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