Christmas at the Orsett Hall begins…

Time to catch up on a little blogging….

It seems to creep up slowly every year, and then suddenly…..POW! December is upon me, and the Christmas parties begin in earnest at the Orsett Hall. This year is busier than any of our three resident DJs expected, with parties going right up to the 23rd December. Looking forward to many festive fun-filled nights!!

Last week saw the very triumphant return of Friday Night Live at the Orsett Hall, with Columbia once again headlining a fabulous night. Over 150 people crammed into the Whitmore Suite to see one of the best cover bands in the South East. Their fantastic non-stop set list included songs from Kings of Leon, Ne-Yo and Maroon 5 and they filled the floor from start to finish. Can’t wait for their return in early 2013!

On a more pitiful note, a rather sad budget DJ has been spreading untruths about the Orsett Hall’s resident DJs, claiming on his ill-informed blog that the hotel takes a booking fee of £150 from the resident DJ. Not only is this complete nonsense (the hotel take no fee), it’s also part of his pathetic attempt to gain more work at the venue, offering to undercut the resident DJ fee by £105. Well Geoff, here’s the rub……..if you were good enough, you’d be part of the team here…..and also…..if you could charge what we charge, surely you would? But you can’t. So there.

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