Ahhhhhhhh, feet up at last!

I write this latest addition to my blog at 2.45am, after a long night of Christmas party fun and helping out my fellow resident DJs at Orsett Hall…and I’ve finally made it home and flopped in the armchair. This was only the first of my four-night stints in December…..I’ve got a few more to come as we edge ever closer to the 25th…..so with coffee in one hand and iPad in the other, it’s time to catch up with the stuff I’ve missed since Thursday.

One of the advantages of DJing at weekends is that I get to miss all the ‘fun’ of the X Factor on TV, so reading Facebook updates from friends about ‘James’ and ‘Rylan’ means absolutely nothing to me! And I’m happy to keep it that way! People have suggested that, as a DJ, I should take a more keen interest in who wins and who comes second, etc, etc…..but this years winners will be next years desperate C-List celebs….it’s the same every time. Having known an incredibly talented young lady who entered (against my advice I might add!) and was then unceremoniously voted off after they changed her song mid-performance, I can’t subscribe to such a heavily pre-influenced/predetermined Cowell cash cow. The show may be fantastically entertaining  to the viewer, but to the rejected youngsters (the ones who can sing…not camp idiots or spikey-hair Irish twins who couldn’t  hold a note in a carrier bag) it’s a devastating blow to their confidence.

Well, that’s enough moaning from me….time to catch up on the Sky+ recordings of QI and the best music programme on the telly, Jools Holland.

until the next time……….

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