Last Saturday night saw my furthest ever trip to a UK wedding destination, when I hauled my carcass down to Plymouth in Devon. A mere 270 miles away, I set out at 9am to make sure I got there in very good time. After a fairly pleasant yet uneventful drive, I arrived at 2pm and settled into my lovely quaint B&B and readied myself for the evening’s ‘performance’!

The groom was a DJ himself, and I was left stunned when walking into the venue marquee by the sheer volume of lighting he had installed for the party! Over 25 DJ light effects across the whole width of the marquee….any nightclub would’ve been proud! I simply plugged in my head unit and began playing the 80’s soul weekender stuff that had been requested. It was a truly great party……..really nice people and the chance to air some rare soul gems, coupled with a one hour break whilst the groom took the controls.

It was so refreshing to get away to an unknown venue and play to a different audience…… a resident DJ you really miss that part of the business, and although the travelling time totalled almost ten hours, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again!

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