Right in the middle of a glut of Christmas parties and corporate knees-ups, I feel compelled to blog about some recent events…..namely the narrow-mindedness of some party goers over the age of fifty!

It seems to me that a lot of people born before 1960 don’t appear to have been out of the house since 1979, turned on a radio or even given airtime to any music created from the 80’s onwards. Case in point was a ‘party’ I DJ’d at last night. Small intimate venue, dinner dance, more mature crowd. I really struggled to get any signs of life early doors, playing cheesey stuff like Abba and Tina Turner to warm them up. Switched to 60’s Motown and added a few more dancers, but the place wasn’t exactly alight with rhythm. A dear old girl then asked for some ‘Fats Domino’ so I turned to rock n roll whereupon we gained another four on the dancefloor….and that was it. No more. But as soon as I tried to play something a little more recent (i.e. living memory for me, b. 1968) they asked me to change it despite the fact that most weren’t dancing anyway.

My gripe here is that the world today is full of such a wide variety of good new music that there MUST be something contemporary (or at least in the last 20 years!) that they like. Sticking their heads in the sand and continuing to insist that “everything’s shite since Roy Orbison died”*  is both ignorant and slightly amish! Rant over.


*Taken from the movie ‘The Commitments’

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