Cash Converters – You Steal it, They’ll Deal It!

It’s almost a year ago since we suffered a massive blow to our business, when over £4000-worth of equipment and music was stolen from a venue at which we were playing. Whilst our DJ was tying stuff in the van, some unscrupulous low-lifes boldly strode into the hall through a side door and made off with speakers, lights, microphones, music and hundreds of essential cables. It was a devastating feeling, especially knowing that the idiotic venue staff had watched it all happen in front of them and done nothing.
After reporting it to the police (and getting that ‘why did I bother’ feeling) we set about replacing the lost items as we still had many weddings and corporate gigs to cover. Luckily, we own many systems and no customers were affected by the loss.
Even though the police efforts were zero, we continued to monitor eBay in the vain hope that maybe we’d find some of our stolen gear being sold there. And to our delight in late January 2011, our speakers (complete with original serial numbers) appeared on the listings. The sellers? Cash Converters in Dagenham, not even four miles from where the theft had occurred. We immediately informed the Police and the legalised fencers…sorry, Cash Converters, and eventually after much to-ing & fro-ing we were reunited with our speakers.

So… anyone out there who’s thinking of buying something from Cash Converters…..bear in mind that it probably still belongs to someone else! And to other DJs and people looking for a party venue…..avoid Ardleigh House in Hornchurch. It’s a scruffy, barrel-scraping sh*thole that most drafty village halls would put to shame.

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