Nice to finally get a whole weekend to myself, and yet somehow still managed to spend most of it updating music folders or answering queries or quotes. When I did get out into the garden, the heavens cascaded upon me and prevented me from doing my favourite hobby…gardening. Huge irony for anyone that knows me.

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “Do you accept playlists?” Of course we do, but the latest customer went on to ask whether we would accept a complete listing of music which covered the whole night (i.e 85 songs) and whether we could simply play them in the exact order listed by them. Now I’m not one to turn business away lightly, but in this case I kindly declined to play at their function, offering instead our small PA system hire so that they can plug in their own iPod. They were quite taken aback, offended even, that I had refused the job. And this made me ponder………I wonder if plumbers/electricians/plasterers, etc get this kind of demand from ‘control-freak’ customers. The simple truth is that music is an art form, so everyone has an opinion on it. Not everyone can rewire a house or fit a new bathroom, but everyone knows music. However, not everyone can programme music, not everyone can read a dancefloor and not everyone has the wide spectrum of taste that a good DJ possesses. Therefore to ask a DJ to stick rigidly to a music list that someone else has created removes all of his/her training, instinct and know-how. They may as well not be there.

So……………yes, we do accept your playlists but only as a guide to the music you love! Please……leave the rest to us!!!


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