The Fennes, Bocking (Braintree)

Just had my first taste of playing at this venue…..and I loved it! A DJ’s dream to be honest, everything is already installed and immaculately so too. It makes such a refreshing change for a venue to actually spend good money on installing sound and lighting equipment to a high spec.

The whole dancefloor area is very much like a nightclub interior – black soundproofed walls, purpose-built DJ booth, large wooden dancefloor and overhead speakers. It’s all been put together very tastefully indeed. The dancefloor opens out into a large marquee-style room with star-cloth ceilings and drapes, again looking very classy.

Overall, if you’ve got about 150 guests and you’re looking for a really tasty venue to impress your friends, then I’d certainly recommend this one on it’s presentation alone!

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