DJ Venue Guide – Ye Olde Plough House, Bulphan, Essex

Here’s another (personal) review of a venue I find myself at on many occasions throughout the year. Remember, it’s not a comment on their food, drink or services…it’s just an opinion from the DJ’s perspective on how ‘party-worthy’ the function suites are….

The Monks Barn

Quite a large room, holding up to 180 guests I reckon, and with great old charm character. Access is a bit of a trek for DJs, and so setting up before the meal is advisable. ‘Stage’ area is good and faces down the long hall. Unfortunately the bar is behind the DJ, in a separate room….which creates all the usual problems of announcements being heard, etc. There is a sound limiter installed and it’s set on one of the lowest thresholds I’ve ever worked with, so try not to excite the crowd too much or their noise will trigger it to cut the power!  

The Cavalier Suite

A much smaller room than the Monks Barn, still with the same olde character. The dancefloor area is squarer and more compact, and again the DJ position is fairly central to the action. I quite like playing in this suite because it feels more like a nightclub set-up, the dancefloor being on a lower level than the bar. The dreaded sound limiter is included, but here it is much less sensitive than the Monks Barn, and you basically don’t need as much power anyhow. Access is slightly easier, but setting up is advised after the meal due to space confinements.

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