What can I say?…My old haunt…..1994-2008 as resident DJ…it has now been rebuilt following the devasting fire of 2007. And what a fantasic looking job too!

The Whitmore Suite

From the brief glimpse I got whilst visiting a working colleague, very modern and plush. The DJ’s position was a bit cramped and the dance floor quite small, but it did appear classy. Not as big and spacious as the old Whitmore Suite though, which was always a favourite of mine. Access for equipment is good (no stairs!).

The Gold Room

I love this suite! Perfect size and shape for most parties…it holds around 150 people I think, and it looks a million dollars. DJs can set up at one end or in the middle of the room, and again access is easy (two entrances to choose from). The original Gold Room was very historic and ornate, but a complete pain in the arse for a DJ, as the bar was in a separate room away from the action. This is a 100% improvement and highly recommended!

The Graham Thomas Pavilion

Built to replace the massive summer marquee and intended for very large functions, this suite is difficult for any DJ due to it’s sheer size. Unless you have around 350-400 guests to entertain, the place looks empty and the sound rings around it unimpressively. It’s great to look at, with glass apex ceilings and all the modern trappings, but a little too ‘cold’ for a good party atmosphere.

The Jaguar Bar

Underneath the Pavilion is a hidden gem, the Jaguar Bar. It holds around 100 people at most, and it’s very reminiscent of a classy city-centre wine bar. Can feel a little claustrophobic with it’s low mirrored ceilings, but essentially it’s a great venue for corporate drinks and birthday parties. DJs require minimum PA equipment and only one or two lighting effects (you can use the mirrored ceiling to double your display!).

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