‘I Was Like That After My First Pint’ or Stories From The Drunk & Disorderly

Invariably, there’s a bar wherever I turn up to DJ. And where there’s a bar, there’s always someone eager to take advantage of it’s contents. Below are some of the great examples of how not to behave on a night out in front of your family and friends…

  • It was a hot night so most of the 20-Somethings took to skinny-dipping in the hotel pool. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they dragged themselves back into the function suite still dripping¬†and semi-naked…a lovely site for Gran and Auntie Beryl I’m sure. And I wasn’t to be left out……shortly before midnight I was hit with a sopping wet pair of boxer shorts thrown from the jubilant revellers.
  • A few too many vinos got the better of one particular bride. I thought she seemed a bit vacant when I arrived but I put it down to nerves. By the time the First Dance came around, she was led very slowly to the floor by her new hubby, whereupon she clung on to him for dear life for the duration of the record. By 9.00pm she was back in her room, unconcious on the marital bed and not to rise again until morning…she missed a good party!
  • Every DJ has a tale or two about people falling into the equipment, but one young lad was so battered that whilst watching him try to dance and impress the girls, myself and my roadie were in hysterics…. laughing so hard that we didn’t even see him knock the speaker over because we were doubled up.

There are countless more tales I could regale, but most involve drunken people getting aggressive when their request doesn’t get played within five minutes! Oh the joys of being the only sober one in the room……

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