Who Do You Think You Are?

Just coming off the back of a pretty dull wedding reception, I was reminded of one of the things I¬†dislike most about DJing to people who don’t get out much – the ‘name drop.’ I’m not talking about celebrities here either… it’s the moment where a woman leans over the DJ stand and boldly declares, “I am the brides mother. Play Cha Cha Slide. Now.” I’m sure every DJ gets this at one point during their set, a person who’s booked you or someone close to them demands a tune and genuinely believes that you have to play it because of who they are! Nothing is more likely to get me riled and the chances of the said track being subsequently played are minimal!

After all, I am hired for my musical knowledge and dancefloor know-how aren’t I? If you just wanted the equipment and do the music yourself, I can recommend a really good hire shop!

Rant over…

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