Wedding Season!

Oh, the mad rush has begun! This time of year sees my in-box and website almost catch fire with the amount of activity regarding weddings for the summer. Why do people leave it so late?! I bet the bloody cakes and dresses were ordered last year!! Still, there are a few dates left to fill and I’m answering every email as quickly as I can.  We are offering discounts to any prospective brides and grooms holding their big day on a Mon-Thurs. There is definitely a trend towards midweek weddings as even the top hotels are promoting vast discounts in a

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Wedding Stories Part 2

‘I Was Like That After My First Pint’ or Stories From The Drunk & Disorderly Invariably, there’s a bar wherever I turn up to DJ. And where there’s a bar, there’s always someone eager to take advantage of it’s contents. Below are some of the great examples of how not to behave on a night out in front of your family and friends… It was a hot night so most of the 20-Somethings took to skinny-dipping in the hotel pool. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they dragged themselves back into the function suite still dripping and semi-naked…a lovely site for

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DJ Venue Guide – Ivy Hill & Furze Hill, Margaretting, Essex

As one of the foremost Essex mobile disco service providers, I will be reviewing some of the more prestigious and popular wedding venues over the coming months. Please bear in mind that I’m not commenting on the hotel rooms, the food or the service…it’s purely based upon how the function suites are conducive to a good party atmosphere. There are a number of factors about the lay-out of a venue that can affect the whole ambience of the night, and below are a few pointers from the DJs perspective… Starting with the Ivy Suite (Ivy Hill), it’s a small L-shaped suite with the bar in

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Just coming off the back of a pretty dull wedding reception, I was reminded of one of the things I dislike most about DJing to people who don’t get out much – the ‘name drop.’ I’m not talking about celebrities here either… it’s the moment where a woman leans over the DJ stand and boldly declares, “I am the brides mother. Play Cha Cha Slide. Now.” I’m sure every DJ gets this at one point during their set, a person who’s booked you or someone close to them demands a tune and genuinely believes that you have to play it because

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Wedding Stories Part 1

Every working DJ has stories to tell of comedy goings-on and calamities at their gigs, and I’m no different!  Now and then, I’ll update the ‘Tales’ category with the latest and greatest stuff…. First one comes from my very early days as a wedding jock. Really nice venue out in the wilds of North Essex, wonderfully sunny day, Pimms on the lawn as the evening guests began to arrive, you get the picture….. I was being helped by my 13-year-old brother for the first time. He’d actually been more help than hindrance for a change, and the gear was put up in

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Well, after much nagging from my Webmaster, I have finally put fingers to keys on my very own blog site…. Coming soon will be the following unmissable features… Tales From The DJ Booth – Comedy goings-on in the life and times of a jobbing DJ Rant ‘n Rave – All the usual griping found on a blog site, but with added swearing Photo Of The Week – A random picture which I find funny, disturbing or both. Unofficial Venue Guide – THE guide to read, especially if you’re holding your wedding reception in a place that I’ve played and not enjoyed…. Watch

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