The Equipment

Mobile Disco EquipmentIn order to stand out from the crowd as a quality act, an advantage can definitely be gained by using the very best in up-to-the-minute technology. I am a genuine specialist in this area, having been a manager for a DJ equipment retailer. My whole range of sound and lighting kit is not only advanced beyond most other mobile entertainers, it is also from the best manufacturers. I take huge personal pride in constantly updating and reviewing my presentation, and I can cater for events from 50 to 1000 people with the vast amount of equipment at my disposal. And you won’t find any low budget Argos or Maplin kit in my set-up!

The Music Machines

For all the tech fans out there, the heart of my mobile disco system is either my Pioneer DDJ-SX controller and MacBook or a combination of Denon’s finest purpose-built DJ products; a dedicated twin MP3 player with all the gadgets a DJ could ever need, and a high-spec mixer. The sound quality is, naturally, superb.

Over the past five years my Denon/Pioneer units have NEVER failed to perform, proving that investing in the best reaps its own rewards. Should anything untoward happen, I carry a full back-up system, allowing the show to go on!

The Sound Systems

As no two venues are the same, having a number of speaker variations allows me to cater perfectly for your function. I currently use Turbosound active speakers or the Yamaha/Nexo active speaker system, developed in 2011 and delivering bags of oomph for it’s compact size. I can provide a simple 1000w sound system for the smaller and more intimate rooms, or combine systems and create up to 20,000w for bigger gigs such as live music shows and dance music events. Conference PA systems, quiz night systems and full PA rigs (including monitors) for live bands can also be accommodated.

The Light Shows & Presentation

Having performed at hundreds of wedding receptions down the years, I have truly learned the value of fine presentation. Brides and grooms (and some corporate customers) spend thousands making their venues look stunning, and then they watch as a budget DJ plonks his CD players on a trestle table and leaves all the wires on show! I have invested in a very classy starcloth DJ booth (in black or white) to surround the equipment to complement the multitude of LED lighting effects that I already own. I can provide lasers, smoke machines, LED venue uplighting and many more stunning visuals for your event. The current fashion within the mobile DJ industry is one of ‘minimalism with style’……..effectively just two or three overhead moving light effects with uplighting accentuating the DJ from behind.


You are assured that I will always use the most appropriate crystal clear sound systems and lighting effects for your chosen venue. Never too little, never too much!

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